logobirding-700x261Hi, my name is Antonio Calvo, native, passionate about nature and photography, who also loves to share their local knowledge in ornithology with people who share the same passion. I consider myself with a great lucky to live in an environment where to be fond of ornithology is very easy.

Currently I work on several projects bird conservation and natural environment for the Government of Extremadura and BirdLife: Monitoring and Recovery of Little Bustard, Rescue nests Montagu’s Harriers, tracking productivity of Great Bustard, Atlas of breeding birds of Spain and Monitoring and Recovery of Lesser Kestrel.

I live in Campo Lugar, province of Caceres. A municipality located in Natura 2000 Network, with a main habitat of steppes and cereal crop, but south surrounded by wetlands that provide fields of rice, to north of the exclusive dehesa habitat, east a chain of reservoirs as Sierra Brava, El Cubilar, Ruecas and Gargáligas. The new reservoir of Alcollarín, just 5 km north, is filling satisfaction to bird lovers, thanks to the many species that are settling on it. 10×10 km grid TJ6040 can be considered as one of the largest variety of species of Extremadura, and even of Spain, according to recent studies in both winter like on spring.

In order to achieve the satisfaction that produces to share my knowledges of this unique natural setting, I decided to lend my services of birding guide and to help the practice of photography. I hope not disappoint the fans who decide to hire us. We have prepared two birding trips (Spring And Winter) , but any season is good to visit our area. You can make the birding trip that you want. Tell us what birds you want see and Antonio helps you. Full day, half day and any moment of year. Please, use our phone, email or form “contact” to consult.

I must also stress that the fact that so many habitats and many species concentrated in such a small area, leads to car journeys are minimal and that therefore the carbon footprint we leave on our roads will be much reduced. Therefore we offer a good opportunity for those nature lovers and especially of the birds, also sensitized with reducing the CO2 emissions produced in the practice of our hobby. We can call this, SUSTAINABLE BIRDWATCHING. In addition, a part of our revenues, we will destine to compensate the CO2 footprint produced in your holidays.

Every photo that you can see in our web were done for Antonio in his birds routes of our area. With Canon 7D + Canon 400mm F5.6 or through Digiscoping.