From the Artic to the African coasts

Calidris minuta (Little stint). From the Arctic to the African coasts with stopover in Extremadura. About the size of a sparrow, it is the smallest of the European waders birds. Each year it travels 4000 km in prenuptial time in early spring from Africa to the European Arctic tundra, where they breed; And returns, traveling another 4000 km, in late summer or early fall. Some specimens, such as the one I was able to photograph yesterday in the Alcollarín reservoir, rest on their way in the Iberian peninsula. It was the protagonist of my photo shoot yesterday, from the PHOTOBIRDS hydrohide. Photographing from a floating hide has many advantages. In addition to being able to approach several species without disturbing them in the same session, you can play with lights and backgrounds. From the inside of the water, the reflections and the bottoms are those of the vegetation of the borders.