What do the Bee-eaters eat really?

In the last two years, based on taking pictures both in flight and at rest, I could see the varied diet of bee-eaters, which not only feed on bees, but also other kinds of insects, dragonflies and butterflies.

Contrary to what think beekeepers, bee-eaters feed just 10% of bees. I say this by the animus of this sector to the bee-eaters, as sometimes has requested the government to allow killing bee-eaters to save their production. Something that is contradictory to my study and other studies that rely more bee mortality bacteria problems incurred by a malpractice in the care of the hives.
This obsession against bee-eaters leads some beekeepers even plugging their nests with stones.

In addition to the pressure exerted on the basins of some rivers by beekeepers, we are watching the transformation of the basins of some rivers, afected by the construction of dams. Alcollarín the case of the river, which has led many bee-eaters build their nests on roadsides, something unusual until two years ago.